2014 maine elections
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2014 maine elections
Voters Guide
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Richard H Tracy, Democrat

http://votedicktracy.wix.com/votedicktracyFacebook Twitter

Office Sought: Representative - District 76

Age: 63

Occupation: Maintenance Sappi Fine Paper Skowhegan


May 2005 B.S. Public Administration, University of Maine at Augusta

May 1984 B.S. Business Administration, University of Maine at Augusta

May 1982 A.S. Business Administration, University of Maine at Augusta


Married to Gwendolyn; Spencer age 42, Thomas age 36

Hometown: Rome

Why are you running for office? I'm running for this office because I feel that I can make a difference in Public Policy.

Poltical Experience:

I served 6 terms in the Maine House of Representatives - 1986 -1994 and 1998-2002

The federal health care law has offered to pay states to expand their Medicaid programs to provide health coverage to low income Mainers. Do you support Medicaid (or MaineCare) expansion?Yes

I believe every individual person has a right to healthcare. I support access to healthcare for 70,000 Mainers. Also, the 3,000 veterans without insurance. By accepting the ACA this would create thousands of jobs. It would also reduce insurance costs for other Mainers who have insurance policies by reducing the cost to the hospitals for uninsured individuals.

Reform of the state’s public assistance programs has been the focus of debates in the State House and on the campaign trail. Do you believe that the state’s welfare programs are too generous?No

What, if anything, would you change about welfare?I believe struggling individuals and families need temporary assistance to get them into a position to find a job and to be self sufficient. The very best welfare program is a well paying job.

Do you support raising the state’s minimum wage from $7.50 an hour?Yes

By how much?10.00 plus per hour. To help the working poor make a basic livable wage. This would help reduce the need of welfare.

Would you support legalization of marijuana?Yes

Please explain your position on legalization?Marijuana should be legalized, taxed and regulated. The revenues from taxation should go into the general fund. We should also look at the other states that have legalized marijuana to see what problems exist and see how Maine can deal with these issues.