2014 maine elections
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2014 maine elections
Voters Guide
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Richard S Malaby, Republican

Office Sought: Representative - District 136

Age: 63

Occupation: Innkeeper


University of Michigan, BA 1977;

Michigan State University, MBA 1985


Married with 3 children, aged 19, 26, 28.

Hometown: Hancock

Why are you running for office? To continue the work I have undertaken over the last for years while serving as Representative for District 34. Specifically, I want to continue to prioritize spending in the Dept of Health and Human Services to ensure that our neediest are having their needs met. I am concerned about our at risk youth, and have been active in trying to ensure that our elders have access to the services they require so that they can age in place. I am also focused on our mentally ill, and I feel that we have been much less than adequate in the services we offer. We must also provide accountability within those programs that provide services to our substance abusing population.

Poltical Experience:

Representative District 34, 2011 to present; RSU 25 Representative, 2009-Dec 2010; Hancock School Committee, 1994-2009

The federal health care law has offered to pay states to expand their Medicaid programs to provide health coverage to low income Mainers. Do you support Medicaid (or MaineCare) expansion?No

Under Title 22 MRSA all Maine Hospitals must have a free care policy. Under Legislative Rules, Chapter 150 those Hospitals must provide all medically necessary care to anyone under 150% of the Federal Poverty level. The expansion proposed under the ACA would make people eligible for Medicaid if they are under 138% of the FPL. All of those people (and more) are already eligible under existing Maine law,

In addition Maine has 19 Federally Qualified Health Centers, and if we include their subsidiaries (called look-a-likes) we have 151 sites for access to sliding scale care, beginning oftentimes at 125% of the FPL. The reality is most hospitals ands many FQHCs offer free care to anyone under 175% of the FPL, far in excess, income wise, of the standards for the ACA.

Reform of the state’s public assistance programs has been the focus of debates in the State House and on the campaign trail. Do you believe that the state’s welfare programs are too generous?No

What, if anything, would you change about welfare?Now that we are coming into compliance with federal regulations regarding SNAP and TANF benefits, I think we are finally in the right place. Asking folks to work while collecting benefits is appropriate. Beefing up our job training is good. Avoiding federal penalties is the right way to go. It troubles me as one who has taken an oath to the constitution when the state is out of compliance with federal laws, as we were up until recently.

Do you support raising the state’s minimum wage from $7.50 an hour?No

Please explain your position on the minimum wage.The minimum wage is generally for the youth and the unskilled. As people develop their skills through experience and education, they should be able to negotiate a better wage or seek a better employers who recognizes those skills and values them , as reflected in a better wage. Raising the minimum wage would be inflationary and is only justified through increased productivity.

Would you support legalization of marijuana?No

Please explain your position on legalization?There is an increasingly growing body of evidence that marijuana use by youths present a number of long term risks to the not yet fully developed brain. While it is not resolved, most neurologists suggest that the brain is not fully developed until at least age 23.