2014 maine elections
Voters Guide
2014 maine elections
Voters Guide
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James V Lacadie, Republican

Office Sought: Representative - District 127

Age: 62

Occupation: Engineer


John Bapst Memorial High School, Class of 1971

University of Maine, Class of 1795, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering


Married, one adult son.

Hometown: Bangor

Why are you running for office? To offer my experience and expertise to help navigate the problems facing Maine.

Poltical Experience:


The federal health care law has offered to pay states to expand their Medicaid programs to provide health coverage to low income Mainers. Do you support Medicaid (or MaineCare) expansion?No

A high percentage of those for whom the proposed MaineCare expansion would provide insurance have options that are less expensive and more effective.

Reform of the state’s public assistance programs has been the focus of debates in the State House and on the campaign trail. Do you believe that the state’s welfare programs are too generous?No

What, if anything, would you change about welfare?The most important change needed in welfare is to remove those who a fraudulently receiving benefits.

Do you support raising the state’s minimum wage from $7.50 an hour?No

Please explain your position on the minimum wage.The minimum wage allows employers to hire workers with no marketable skills for entry-level positions, providing these workers with an opportunity to learn and develop skills that will make them more valuable to an employer, and thus worthy of higher pay.

Would you support legalization of marijuana?No

Please explain your position on legalization?The costs to society outweigh any benefits that may be realized.