2014 maine elections
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2014 maine elections
Voters Guide
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James F Bradley, Democrat

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Office Sought: Representative - District 72

Age: 44

Occupation: Staff Associate, USM


Bachelor's Degree, Liberal Studies, UMA, 2013

Minors: Business Administration, Human Resource Management, and History

Certificate Human Resource Management, UMA, 2012

Currently working toward Master's Degree in Adult and Higher Education at USM, will graduate May 2016



Hometown: Mechanic Falls

Why are you running for office? I'm tired of partisan politics crippling real progress in Augusta. If elected my top priority will be to increase job opportunities in Maine by encouraging more businesses to do business in Maine as well as helping current businesses expand. We must also invest in higher education so that we have the highly trained workforce that today's businesses need. We must also tackle our financial challenges in a responsible way while ensuring that our most vulnerable citizens are not paying for tax cuts for the wealthy. Issues important to me: Jobs and economic development, controlling state spending, welfare reform, investing in education and standing up for seniors and veterans.

Poltical Experience:

I have not held elected office before. We have to stop sending the same career politicians to Augusta if we want to see real change. I offer new leadership for a better Maine.

The federal health care law has offered to pay states to expand their Medicaid programs to provide health coverage to low income Mainers. Do you support Medicaid (or MaineCare) expansion?Yes

Healthcare is a fundamental right and we need to ensure that all Mainer's have access to quality and affordable healthcare.

Reform of the state’s public assistance programs has been the focus of debates in the State House and on the campaign trail. Do you believe that the state’s welfare programs are too generous?Other

What, if anything, would you change about welfare?I support responsible welfare reform that requires those who can work to do so. I would support and propose legislation that ensures that welfare is used as it was intended which is a resource for people who need it while they are experiencing financial hardship, however, it should not be a career choice.

Do you support raising the state’s minimum wage from $7.50 an hour?Yes

By how much?I'm not sure of what amount it should be increased, but I do know it is too low now. I would work with businesses, especially small business owners, to find a compromise that benefits both employers and workers. We need to stop making this an either/or discussion. There is a way to increase wages while also ensuring that that wages don't put companies out of business. I look forward to working on this issue if elected.

Would you support legalization of marijuana?Other

Please explain your position on legalization?I don't believe the legislature should legalize it, but I would support a citizen referendum that approved it.